Without goals, you’re just floundering

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Goals-Donna Cardillo
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Thoughts, ideas, and dreams are great, but they don’t create action — and action is what gets things done. There’s no better way to create positive action in your life than by writing down your goals.

Think of this: Most of us spend more time planning our vacations than we do planning our lives. Scary? Yes, and curable with a little effort. Goals are a roadmap for your life. They give you an immediate purpose to work toward. Having written goals makes you more motivated and enthusiastic, and it helps to direct your energy. Goals give you a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Without goals, you’re just floundering around with no specific direction. Before you know it, time will have passed, and you’ll wonder where it went.

Research has shown that if you don’t write down your goals, you’re much less likely to act on them and more inclined to forget them. I suggest getting a 3×5 index card and writing your goals on that, each with an accompanying target date. Keep the card in your wallet or attached to your refrigerator or someplace else you look often. It serves as a visible reminder to get moving. When you reach a goal, cross it off and set a new one. You should always be stretching yourself and working toward something in your life. That’s what keeps life interesting, challenging, and rewarding. That’s what keeps you young at heart, excited about life, and enjoyable to be around.

Some people don’t set goals because of what they perceive they will have to give up in pursuing them. Well, everything is a trade-off, and while you always pay a price for reaching your goals, you pay an even bigger price for not reaching your goals. Never realizing your dreams or finding out what you’re capable of is a very high price to pay.

You have an opportunity to make things happen in your personal and professional life. Good things don’t happen by chance. They happen through careful planning and execution. Set some goals this month and change your life . . . for the better.


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2 thoughts on “Without goals, you’re just floundering”

  1. I too am a big advocate for goals! Each week I make my nursing students list three goals they want to accomplish. I have found that just this simple act helps keep them focused. Thanks for sharing!


  2. When we write/speak it we are much more likely to do it. Dreaming of goals is a great place to start as what we can imagine can become our reality. Then taking that next step and working on goals one at-a-time can get us closer and closer to that ideal outcome. Great post, Donna. Thank you for this inspiration and reminder to keep moving forward.

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