What I love about nursing

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I could write a book on this topic – in fact I already have (Your 1st Year as a Nurse) and am writing a second, due out this year – The ULTIMATE Career Guide for Nurses. In both books, and in many of my articles, I lovingly write about my 30+ year career and all the great opportunities I have had. And I’ve only done a handful of things (OK, maybe 2 handfuls) of all the things that I could have done as a nurse. There is literally something for everybody in this profession. There is no other profession that is so diverse. Best of all, I get to make a difference in the lives of others every single day. To hear more about my journey in nursing see Spreading Your Wings: Career Alternatives for Nurses! http://www.dcardillo.com/articles/spreading.html. What do you love about nursing?

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  1. Ah, career alternatives for nurses! I became disabled in 2001; but decided that I wasn’t going to stop ‘dead in my tracks’ and become friends with every daytime talk show host. As a nurse I was too used to multi-tasking and using my brain!

    Long story short, I submitted articles for publication and have been freelance writing since 2003. What a grand feeling, especially since I never had any formal training as a writer. Mainly, I write about what my knowledge of personal health for a several nursing magazines, and I had my own column for a year. Me, a nurse’s “Dear Abby!”

    That’s one avenue for the disabled nurse; however, the pay is poor unless you’re able to ‘crank out’ good articles, quickly. But, I’m able to continuue doing what I love! This is one of many alternative career paths. I have one friend who refers to me as “her friend, the journalist!”

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