The Worst Advice I Ever Received

Many years ago I attended a women’s business retreat in the hopes of propelling my business forward. One of my challenges at the time was being stuck on a technical chapter of a book I was writing. I was frozen in fear and my writing had been stalled for months which was causing me a great deal of angst. When I discussed it with the group, the facilitator said to me, “Clearly there is no joy surrounding this project for you and I advise you to back out of the publishing contract.” I was stunned by her words. That was the worst advice I had ever been given. Just because I was stuck and struggling didn’t mean I should abandon the project and break an agreement. I needed support and motivation to break through what was holding me back and move forward. I did eventually finish the book which is now in its second edition. If I had abandoned that project because it was challenging me, I may never have written another book or ever been able to get another publishing contract.

What’s the worst career/business advice you were ever given?

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