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LittleRascals-DrivingFiretruckI grew up watching the Little Rascal’s TV series – a classic show about a bunch of kids having all types of adventures and life experiences. In one episode, the gang is racing down a steep hill on a home-made fire truck long enough to hold about 12 kids one behind the other. At some point the back end, being steered by Stymie, starts to fishtail back and forth. The exasperated front end driver, in response to this, turns toward the back of the truck and asks, “Hey Stymie, where ya’ goin’?” And Stymie, as he tries to regain control of his end, replies in his typical calm and cool manner, “I don’t know but I’m on my way!”

Stymie’s response is a great motto for life and one that I adopted for myself. While a few of us have a clear view of our future, most of us don’t know exactly where we’re headed. Even if we have a plan, life sometimes gets in the way. But as long as we keep moving in a positive forward direction, we’ll eventually get to where we need to be or want to do be, or even in an exciting new place we never knew existed. So just keep on truckin’ and be on your way in life. Even if you start to fishtail, hang in there and steer as best you can. Stay calm and cool and enjoy the ride!


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2 thoughts on “Steer as best you can”

  1. LOVE it, Donna. Keep on truckin! Yes.

    Besides the fact that I agree with this post, I do enjoy the morale behind the story. It’s a great philosophy, to go with the flow. The more we try to ‘force’ it, the harder it gets. When we ease up on the grips of control success can more easily come our way.

    Thank you! Great post, as always.

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