Self-Care: Walking the Walk

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My life has been spinning out of control. The entire last year has been particularly “full” with business activities, new products and projects (I worked on 3 book projects this past year!!), volunteer work (I was president of the National Speakers Association – NJ Chapter) and lots of personal challenges. My husband has MS and has had a rough year. I have an elderly mother-in-law and parents that I look after (you know how it is when you’re the nurse in the family) and they have all had medical and surgical issues to cope with. Yet I have a wisdom tooth that needs pulling that I never seem to get around to.


I decided it was time to take back control of my life. So even though my workload and deadlines are piled high, I took a day off yesterday – something I almost never do.  I needed a haircut so decided to get a pedicure and manicure, too. Then I figured that since I’ll be out for half the day anyway, I may as well get a massage. And because I need a new pocketbook, I’ll also do a little shopping. The massage therapist told me afterwards that I am so tight, I really need a 90 minutes deep tissue massage – surprise, surprise!!


I have now made a vow to say NO (capitol letters for emphasis) to all volunteer activities for one year except for what I am already committed to. I have always been very active in various associations, community projects, and other things. And because I am one of those people they are talking about when they say, “If you want something done ask a busy person” everyone asks me to help out.  I love to be involved and help out when I can but I’ve finally come to the realization that I cannot be all things to everyone, try as I may.


I’m having a professional organizer come to my home and office to help me clear out the clutter and create some order.  I’m making room in my life and my schedule for new energy to pursue other big goals I still have for myself.  And while I have always been focused on helping everyone else in my life, often putting my own needs on the back burner, I’m going to make a commitment to honor myself, my body, my time, my life.    


What have you done lately to honor yourself, care for yourself,  and clear a path for your future?

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  1. Good for you!!! I’ve been down that road for many years and it finally got to me. I was old enough to “retire” and I did. Even when I used to take a day off (very infrequently) I always felt guilty which I now realize was stupid. Since I developed some medical problems with hypertension and cardiac issues, people just don’t bother to call me anymore. I don’t advise you to travel down my path to get a break, but do strongly suggest that you plan time off, however long you need, to get refreshed and rested, and your mind cleared. Please don’t wait as long as I did, it really isn’t worth it.

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