Office of the National Nurse

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Have you heard about the grassroots movement to create an Office of the National Nurse? Learn more about it at Here’s an article with an update on the movement You can also access the article at the National Nurse website above. Find out what’s it all about so you can enter into related discussions and join the campaign.

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  1. I’ve heard of it, and feel that the Office of the National Nurse is a proposal whos time has come. All members of the healthcare profession teach Americans wellness strategies and disease prevention, on-duty and off-duty.

    Who is better equipped to do this than our nations 2.7 million nurses; very skilled and learned professionals how TEACH all the time?

    Year after year, nurses have been ranked the highest on the Harris poll as the health prefessional patients trust the most. So, besides having the public trust and higher visibility, nurses must teach the public, the MANY things that they can do (modifiable risk factors) to make change (like quit smoking, treat hypertention, decrease weight) and the list goes on.

    The legislation to support the Office of a National Nurse was introduced into the 109th Congress by Lois Capps, Congresswoman from California, and recently the Yew York State Assembley (NYSA) passed a resolution endorsing the establishment of the Office of a National Nurse.

    For further information, visit


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