Nursing’s Future: The door has opened but are we prepared to enter?

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My latest guest blog post at American Nurse Today online:

As the world around us changes, the demographics and health care needs of the population are evolving and costs continue to escalate out of control. As a result, the healthcare system in the US is reinventing itself in significant ways to meet the needs of current and future generations. Nurses stand poised to take the lead in the future of healthcare –one of the greatest opportunities presented to us in decades. But are we ready to meet that challenge and seize the day? And if not, what will it take to get us ready?

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1 thought on “Nursing’s Future: The door has opened but are we prepared to enter?”

  1. I agree this is our greatest opportunity in decades. It is time for nurses to lead change. There are still areas of the nation where nurses are not recognized or respected as Nursing Collegues and Professionals. We need to lead the charge in changing this perception. Our outcomes related to our profession, such as the level of education necessary to take care of patients in an increasingly complex work enviroment, is one of our greatest weaknesses. The BSN in 10 legislation must move forward if we are to change this perception. Nurses must also take an active role in politics and negotiation at all levels. Additional funding to support such endeavors is not accessible to everyone. With middle class ecomonomy being what it is, this presents a challenge. Additionally, organizations are trending away from actively offering scholarships and tuition assistance programs at this time. Even professional organizations have scaled back. Perhaps the opportunity for nursing is to grow the profession during this period of healthcare reform. Perhaps state and national funding will become available to support nurses who wish to continue their education in exchange for providing support to assist with community education and chronic illness prevention programs. Just a thougth….

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