Nursing: More Than a Gentle Touch

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Much is often made of the caring nature of nurses with frequent references to a kind word, a gentle touch, or a reassuring smile. And while those gestures convey caring and comfort, that is only part of the science-based, complex and often life-saving care provided by nurses. Nursing has its own body of research, theory and practice standards. We operate under our own license and develop multi-dimensional plans of care for clients. Nurses initiate life-saving measures, use critical thinking skills, teach, counsel, coach and consult. We are part of the primary healthcare team and are front line care providers. Nurses are care managers, healthcare experts, skilled clinicians, and patient advocates. We are innovators, nurturers, and healers. No wonder nurses are the largest group of all healthcare professionals – there is so much work to do!

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  1. Appreciate nurses, They are our men and women who are working responsibly for all our recovery, safety and treatment. I couldn’t imagine the world without the nurses. They do so much care for their patients and are all throughout with them. 24/7 they are present and they are instrumental in transforming and changing lives. Very honorable profession – one of the heart and soul for healthcare industry.

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