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I just watched the premier of the newest medical drama “Mercy” on NBC which seems to focus on the lives of several key nursing characters. OK so it’s TV and it’s a drama so I shouldn’t expect much reality, right? Both the characters and the medical situations were way over the top – lots of exaggeration, some of it major.  What really grated on me was the fact that physicians were portrayed as being “in charge” of the hospital and that the nurses reported to them and had to answer to them. Why does this myth persist?  In spite of that, there is also a fair amount of physician-bashing.


That being said, the episode had it’s moments, some of them positive ‘nursing’ moments – exaggerated as they may have been. Will I watch it again? I must admit that I will. There are the perfunctory dysfunctional relationships, addiction issues, sex and stereotypes (apparently all necessary for a successful TV drama) but I’m curious to see how the show and the characters develop – and how nursing is portrayed in future episodes. And I’ll be sure to send an e-mail to the producers about the “physician as boss” thing.    


Tell me what you thought of it. If you missed it, you can catch it on

2 thoughts on “New TV Show: Mercy”

  1. Hello Donna,
    I missed the show last night. Thanks for posting the website. It is very interesting how the media portrays nurses so differently from real life.

  2. Donna,
    Agree with you regarding the show “Mercy”. There is another with Jada Pinkett Smith, something “Hawthorne”, which also was way over to the other side- the nurse called ALL of the shots. Why can’t there be another “ER”? That, to me, had so much realism. Amongst all of the angst, drama, sex, etc.
    It’s definitely interesting to see what TV produces for medical shows. Sometimes it makes me wish that MY life were that interesting! Like you, I have had a year and a half from hell with family illnesses, self-illness, and you-name-it, it’s happened! I hope you really DO begin to take time for yourself. It’s so hard for caregivers to give unto themselves!

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