Isn’t It Time to Do the Things You Want to Do?

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Image courtesy of James Barker /
Image courtesy of James Barker /

Stop waiting until you win the lottery (especially if you don’t buy tickets) to do the things you want to do or get.

Instead, ask yourself, “How can I do that/get that?

Will you need to further your education to better your career prospects?

Will you need to pump up the volume on your business?

Will you need to change other things to be able to get more done?

Do you need to let some things (or people) in your life go to make room for new opportunities/relationships?

Make a plan and put it into motion. Stop relying on external factors and chance and ignite the powers within you that are waiting to take you places you only dreamed you might go.

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1 thought on “Isn’t It Time to Do the Things You Want to Do?”

  1. Donna,
    Great post! I 100% agree. Sometimes I sit around stuck in fear, worry, or doubt. But then I realize that if I don’t get up and get moving- nothing will change! I especially love your comment about letting people go to invite new opportunities! AMEN!! I actually journaled around that in my morning self-reflection practice today.
    Thank you!

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