Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

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Don't Let Fear Hold You Back-DCardillo
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Fear is always part of the equation when you’re stretching yourself, growing. And the bigger the goal, the bigger the fear.

Think of it as growing pains. Knowing this, acknowledge it, face it, and embrace it. Then move through it, around it, or with it.

Just don’t let fear hold you back and stop you from moving forward. Make it your traveling companion on the road of life. Oh the places you will go together!


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1 thought on “Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back”

  1. Excellent reminder, Donna.
    I was reading something in a nursing LinkedIn group today about fear. Your points are right along the lines of what I was feeling and responded in the group. When we know a fear is there, the best thing to do is to ‘do’ something. If we push it down, stuff it away like it’s not really there- that’s when it comes back to hurt us the most! Thank you for the suggestions on how to move gracefully with fear.

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