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The media seems to have suddenly glommed on to the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree and the fact that it will allow advanced practice nurses to use the title ‘doctor.’ I spoke with a reporter about this last week (who decided she wanted a ‘hands-on’ nurse to comment and not me – maybe she didn’t like my viewpoint or didn’t think I was a ‘real nurse’) and then found a related blog post on the site today which I responded to. Here’s a line from the blog post: “When these nursing students complete the program, they’re bestowed the title “doctor” even though they haven’t gone through medical school.” Horrors! Someone with a doctoral degree using the title Doctor!! Who ever heard of such a thing? Read the original post and my long response on 2/3 at

3 thoughts on “Doctor Nurses”

  1. I just read Donna’s response on the Glamour web site blog and it was well written and very positive about nursing and DNPs. Many of the others who responded to the original post wrote about positive experiences they had with DNPs or NPs. Interesting as I guess it was mainly younger women writing the comments — that it mostly involved ob/gyn settings!

    Thanks to all responsible nurses who make an introduction to a new patient by stating their name and title.

    On another note: I myself worked at one hospital unit with a male nurse preceptor who had lost his ID badge. During orientation, when we went into a room together, the patient assumed he was a doctor and that because I’m a woman, I was the nurse.

  2. PhDs use the title “Doctor.” I don’t know why she would be ben out of shape with DNPs using that title. I get more bent out of shape when I hear techs, MAs, CNAs referred to as “nurses.”

  3. I totally agree w/Vixen’s comment, about CNA’s, MA’s, etc., using the title as “nurse”; even on their name badges. That’s a real pet peeve of mine. I worked very hard for my RN license & in my career. I ask MA’s in the dr.’s offices, when I see “Nurse” on their name badges, “Oh, where did you go to Nsg school?” I don’t think the State Boards for Nursing should allow this. It’s no different than if I were to misrepresent myself as an attorney, MD, etc. I have also been in the situation when a pt “assumes” a male nurse, RN or LVN, is a Dr., & I’m “just the nurse”, because I am a woman. People w/Phds have been using the title of Dr. for yrs, so, why shouldn’t a nurse who has their Doctoral degree be accorded the same courtesy? I had professors in Nsg school, & we addressed them as Dr.

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