Create a “vision board” for your future.

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Vision Board-Donna Cardillo
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Get a big piece of poster paper and cut out (from magazines/catalogs) images, pictures, and words that represent what you want to achieve, your goals, your dreams, what you’d like to have, where you’d like to be living, and so on. Hang it/keep it where you will see it often.

This is a powerful exercise that helps to focus your energy, your thoughts, and even your actions on living your best life. If you’ve never done this, it is fun and inspiring. If you’ve done them in the past, it’s time for an update! So get out those scissors and paste or tape and start “envisioning” your future! You may even be surprised at where this exercise leads you as you start to snip.


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1 thought on “Create a “vision board” for your future.”

  1. It sure is fun to do, Donna! I never seem to have enough magazines so I usually get together with a girl friend who does. That makes it fun as we sit around and do this together. I think I have five vision boards going right now, LOL. Always room for moving forward! Thanks for the great post.

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