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I have been working with a life coach for the last several months. This is the second coach I have worked with, not counting my personal fitness coach who I work with only periodically, in the last several years and have gained benefit each time. A life coach – or any type of coach for that matter – helps to bring out the best in you. They help you to stay focused on your goals whether they are related to fitness, writing, weight loss, building a business, being more assertive, trying to find your passion, creating balance in your life, or whatever – and keep you accountable.

Coaching is also a good career option for nurses. Nurses work as wellness coaches, life coaches, career coaches, writing coaches and more. You’ll find the profile of several nurse coaches on the Entrepreneur page of this web site. I discuss coaching and many other career options in my Career Alternatives for Nurses® seminars. Find out more here.

Want to find a coach to work with? In addition to those listed on the Entrepreneur page, ask around for some recommendations or contact a local chamber of commerce or other business association for some referrals. A coach doesn’t need to live near you since the work is done primarily by phone. Here’s a link to the coach I currently work with

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  1. Posted on Behalf of Laura Fenamore:

    Dear Donna,

    First, thank you for shedding a flash light on life coaching and the power it has in the world.

    I so appreciate that.

    I say it “takes a village” of support for most of us to get through our lives and as balanced and happy as my life is, I need extra support and have my own coach.

    My job as a coach is to support my clients in uncovering the areas of their lives that may be blocked. People want to change and feel stuck in how to get there.

    Specifically as a body esteem coach, I shed 100 lbs. 20 years ago, I teach people to “integrate” into their bodies and honor this miraculous machine we get to call home. My vision is to have an impact on how people see themselves and to reverse obesity in America.

    Donna is a brilliant example of someone who walks her talk. She is a positive influence for the health industry and I just love having her as a client. She takes responsibility for her life and pours so much love into her work. She takes pride in her role here on earth as a change agent and puts her heart and soul in everything she does including the work as a coachee. I feel very blessed to work with her.

    If you have questions about coaching, I can be reached at 415 464 1234 or my email is

    Peace and Thanks, Laura

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