Are You Focused on ‘Abundance’?

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Image courtesy of moggara12 /

Adopt an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for your current level of health, even if it isn’t perfect. Celebrate your 5 senses, to whatever degree they work for you. Appreciate the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and the roof over your head.

You can choose to focus on what you perceive you are lacking or on the abundance that is all around you. The choice is yours but keep in mind that you tend to get more of what you focus on.


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1 thought on “Are You Focused on ‘Abundance’?”

  1. Thanks Donna. Such a simple statement, but so powerful in impact. I totally agree- you get what you give. Focus on the good: get more of it. Focus on it’s opposite, well- we know what happens. Thank you for reminding us all and enjoy your holiday weekend!

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