A Little Generosity Goes a Long Way

A Little Generosity Goes a Long Way by Donna CardilloI arrived home late yesterday afternoon from a business trip. So I decided to order takeout dinner for the family and have it delivered. The bill came to $48.45. I handed the delivery person $60 and told him to keep the change. He stood there stunned for a moment and then in the most sincere imaginable voice said, “Oh my God thank you so much!” It was not a huge expenditure on my part but obviously meant so much to this young man.
Many years ago, when I had fallen on hard times, I was cocktail waitressing to make some extra money. One evening a group left me a $20 tip. I felt just as that young man did…surprised and grateful. When you’re scraping together nickels and dimes to make ends meet, a generous tip goes a long way.
A little extra generosity, when we can manage it (of money, time, services, etc.), can go a long way to make someone’s day. And during these trying times, it is especially important to open our wallets and our hearts when and where it might do the most good.
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