A Little Generosity Goes a Long Way

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A Little Generosity Goes a Long Way by Donna CardilloI arrived home late yesterday afternoon from a business trip. So I decided to order takeout dinner for the family and have it delivered. The bill came to $48.45. I handed the delivery person $60 and told him to keep the change. He stood there stunned for a moment and then in the most sincere imaginable voice said, “Oh my God thank you so much!” It was not a huge expenditure on my part but obviously meant so much to this young man.
Many years ago, when I had fallen on hard times, I was cocktail waitressing to make some extra money. One evening a group left me a $20 tip. I felt just as that young man did…surprised and grateful. When you’re scraping together nickels and dimes to make ends meet, a generous tip goes a long way.
A little extra generosity, when we can manage it (of money, time, services, etc.), can go a long way to make someone’s day. And during these trying times, it is especially important to open our wallets and our hearts when and where it might do the most good.
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  1. Blondell McClendon

    We all have been blessed with a measure of talents, gifts , time, finances and knowledge that may help or be beneficial along the way to someone. Even though we deem it as a small token, we never know the impact of that generosity.. Some years ago, in hardship went to a drive through and ordered food for me and four children and this transaction was a well deserving treat for their behavior and staying on task as latch-key kids while I worked and went to school. I was going to give to my family a treat that day regardless of bills owed and other financial obligations. When I got to the window the cashier said the person in front of you left 25.00 for your order. I was so moved and grateful for the person giving and the cashier’s honesty to pass it on to us. I find myself doing acts of kindness like that at time and so do my grown children. I would say when asked the question , What is success to you? I would say, “To be able to buy my children a happy meal and be happy about it, to not have to worry about the cost or what I could have done with that money.” My children are grown and declare that they had great childhoods because God bless me to be creative to build around them a world to not know we were poor. An adventure to Walmart to called game view, and we would go back home and make the game we could not buy from items we had. A blanket spread out in the park, stopping at a local store to get .25 fruity drinks and sandwiches made. The struggles to me were real and not an adventure at the time but there were many acts of kindness. Luke 12:48 TO Whom Much is Given, Much Will be Required and that speaks of time, wealth, talents, wisdom and even health. Nursing is a way to give back if looked at as more than just a profession. Donna Cardillo)Thanks for the quote, it is important to open our wallets and HEARTS.. Grateful thankful and blessed. all Glory to God and those hearts he touches.

  2. Yes, it is true. A little generosity goes a long way. These days with all economic uncertainties, obstacles, and hard times, people struggle to meet their basic needs. We never know how our little generosity can impact the lives of the needy. Also, helping others makes us feel good. At the time of need and despair, if somebody comes forward with little help, we are grateful, and it also helps us cope with hardships.

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