Those Small Moments of Connection and Support

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Those Small Moments of Connection and Support by Donna CardilloA few years back during a loss of power after a storm, I went to a convenience store that had electricity to get coffee and ice… essentials during a power failure! A customer (a man in his 40s) saw me trying to juggle several bags of ice and picked one up to help me out to the car. A woman who works there and apparently knows him says, “Leave it to a Marine to help!” On our way to my car, I said, “Thanks so much for your help. That was very kind of you.”
Him: Just pay it forward.
Me: I always do. I’m a nurse!
Him: (Throws his hands up in the air and smiles) Why didn’t you say so? (Nurses, law enforcement folks, first responders, and military folks have a close bond).
Me: So you’re a Marine?
Him: Yup. 27 years.
Me: Thank you for your service.
Him: Thank you. I appreciate that.

He then puts his arm out to hug me and as I reciprocate he kisses my cheek, we hug and wish each other a great day.

And this is what life is made of, these small moments of connection and support. Reach out to another human being with kindness whenever you can, even in the seemingly smallest way. You may make their day as he did mine. You might even unknowingly be throwing a lifeline to someone, often a total stranger, who unbeknownst to you is in a dark place in their life and desperately needed that connection to pull them back into the light.

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