Thank You For Saying Thank You

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Thank You For Saying Thank You by Donna Cardillo

Recently while traveling, I enjoyed breakfast at a chain restaurant. Several tables were occupied, and I noticed only one server doing all the front-end work: taking orders and processing payments. Other customers slowly trickled in, and she seemed to keep up with it all with grace, style, and even humor. When she brought my food, I told her I noticed that she was managing the floor entirely by herself and doing it like a champ. I thanked her for working. She was startled and got the biggest smile on her face. She said hesitantly, “Well, thank you … and thank you for saying thank you!” She looked delighted. I left her a good tip. Outside the restaurant was a “Help Wanted” sign, as one sees almost everywhere these days. It reminded me of the popular slogan going around:

“The world is short-staffed.Please be kind to those who showed up.”

And generous, I might add.

© Donna Cardillo. All rights reserved.

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