Tell Your Nursing Stories

holding a handStories, however short, are a powerful way to define and delineate the real value of what nurses do. This piece by Lynn Visser, RN beautifully illustrates how nurses make an impact.

“I held her hand, looked her in the eye, and told her the procedure was all over. Then I said, ‘I was there the whole time.’  Little did I know those words would be like magic to this mother who had just lost her daughter. As an organ transplant nurse, I was one of the last people to touch this 17-year old when her heart stopped beating. She generously gave the gift of life to seven people by donating her organs.  I gave the gift of compassion and respect to the mother and the patient. When the mother called me her ‘angel’ for watching over her daughter, I knew I had received the greatest gift a nurse could be given.”  Lynn Visser, RN


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