Don’t Wait for Perfect

Don’t wait for circumstances to be perfect before moving forward in your life; they never will be. And so much can happen while you’re waiting. Live your life while you have the chance. No one’s path is smooth or without obstacles. ©Donna Cardillo. All rights reserved.

It Takes a Village

It takes a village to “raise” a new nurse. Let’s all commit to “raising” the type of nurse we want to work side by side with. Are you with me?   ©Donna Cardillo. All rights reserved.

Open your eyes, your ears, and your mind to the bigger picture.

There is an old parable about 6 blind men going to see an elephant so each can determine for themselves what the animal is. Each one happens upon a different part of the beast: the tail, the ear, the leg, the trunk and so on. Because they cannot see the entire elephant, each draws specific… [Continue..]