Falling Together Inspirational Card Deck


Each card in this 50-card set has been individually designed with a positive, empowering message and beautiful image to support the affirmation. The entire set comes in a colorful organza drawstring pouch and makes a loving gift for yourself and others. Add some joy, positivity, and happiness to someone’s life including your own!

How to Use the Cards

It is widely believed that the message we need to hear from the universe will come to us when we need it most. This inspiring 50-card Falling Together deck can assist in bringing the right message to you (and others) at the right time. 

The cards can provide guidance and insights into your everyday life and goals. They can also provide positivity and intention and serve as daily affirmations to help you manifest the highest good.

There are many ways to use these cards…

  • Randomly choose a card from the deck daily as you start your day. Read the message and repeat it to yourself throughout the day. Carry that card with you, take a photo of it, or post it where you will look at it often.
  • Present one of the cards to a friend or colleague who may need the message you have chosen for them. 
  • As you journal about it, reflect on the message and what it means to you.
  • Go through the deck and read all or some of the cards when you need/want to draw strength, resolve, peace, and positivity.
  • Pass the deck around in a basket at a gathering/meeting and let each person choose a card and read it aloud.
  • Place a copy of the deck in a workplace relaxation room for quiet reflection.
  • Give the deck as a gift to someone you love or support.
  • Post individual cards around your living and workspace.
  • Use the deck with coaching and counseling clients.

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