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I recently attended religious services in a town I was visiting. Upon entering the facility I was handed a pamphlet that had the program in it and upcoming events. On the back was a lovely welcoming message that went, “To all who are lonely and need friendship; to all who are discouraged and need good news;” etc.  Typical “church” fare.   But as I read on I was initially taken aback by the phrase “…to all who are complacent and need disturbing…”  But after a second I smiled broadly at the concept.

So many of us are in a rut in our lives and careers. We become so complacent that we stop learning, stop growing, stop moving forward, stop living. We don’t bother to challenge ourselves; we let fear and boredom rule our lives; and we lose our zest for living and working. The message was so powerful.

We all need a little disturbing from time to time. That may involve stepping out of our comfort zone, shifting our priorities, taking a risk, making a big decision, or doing something we’ve always wanted to do. There is a Chinese proverb that says, “When sleeping women wake, mountains move.I challenge you today to awaken from the slumber of complacency, apathy, negativity, and inactivity. It’s time to wake up to life.


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