When You’re Served Disappointment, Find Positives for Your Plate

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Bowl of CherriesI was recently watching an episode of the Food Network’s popular competitive cooking show “Chopped.” One contestant is eliminated each round and the last chef standing goes home with a big prize. It was down to the final two contestants and the runner-up was announced, the last chef to get “chopped.” He was clearly deflated, having previously felt confident that he would be triumphant. As he walked off the set with cameras following him, he acknowledged his disappointment but then added, “You have to get knocked down sometimes so you can get back up and become stronger as a result.” And that is how we should all face any disappointment, perceived failure, or derailment in life. No one likes to get knocked down, but it is always an opportunity to get up with new resolve, remain humble, and do better the next time.

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