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Out and AboutI’ve known a few people who are virtually house-bound because of illness or disability. Their greatest longing is often just to spend some time outdoors and engage in activities beyond the confines of their home. Yet many of us able-bodied individuals sentence ourselves to self-imposed house arrest, especially as we get older, and spend less and less time outside of our home by choice. We sit in front of the TV or computer or stay glued to handheld electronic devices. But it is important to get out into the world on a regular basis. This keeps your life force strong, maintains and builds confidence, keeps the creative juices flowing, and makes you feel connected to the universe. It can be something as simple as visiting the local library, attending a club or association meeting, taking a walk, or sitting at an outdoor café to people watch. Force yourself, in a good way, to get out and about on a regular basis. It will do you more good than you can imagine.

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