Nursing Manifesto

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I recently rediscovered an interesting and empowering movement known as the Nurse Manifest Project which was created by a group of nursing scholars. The web site describes the movement as “A Call to Conscience and Action…To raise awareness, To inspire action, and To open discussion of issues that are vital to nursing and healthcare around the globe.” This could also describe my reasosns for creating the Nurse Power! web site several years ago.

I encourage you to read the manifesto – one section at a time – and reflect on it’s meaning. Based on the “Suggestions for Action” section of the Manifesto page, what changes can you make/have you made in your personal or professional life, or what actions can you (have you) implement to promote the principles and practices suggested there? Why and how is this important to nursing? I’m interested to hear your reactions, your actions, and your thoughts on all of this.

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