Nursing Networks = Power

I have belonged to the National Speakers Association for over 10 years.  I knew that many of the members were nurses and would ocassionally see  some of my nursing colleagues at the convention. However, I knew there were many more nurses in the association whom I had never met and assumed the same held true for the rest of the bunch. So last year I made an effort to get all of the nurses together who were attending  the convention so we could better get to know one another and support each other.  Our 1st meeting was a great success.

This year’s convention was recently held in San Diego, CA. With  the help of Kathy Dempsey (author: Shed or You’re Dead) and LeAnn Thieman (Co-author of Chicken Soup  for the Nurses Soul), we had our second convention get-together. We shared ideas, information, and resources and talked about ways we could better help  one another.

Nurses, in every specialty and practice setting, can do so much more when we work together and support one another.   Always look for ways to form alliances and build networks. Everyone wins.