My Trip To Germany – Part 2

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I’m writing from Germany – the little town of Bad Kissingen, known for it’s health benefits. People travel far and wide to drink their spring water and  enjoy the beautiful surroundings. I’m here speaking at a conference for military healthcare professionals. On Saturday I visited  the medical center (see previous post) where most of the nurses  work. I spent time visiting with the nurses on the units and visiting the injured troops. The visit was most interesting and inspiring to learn of the sacrifices that both the troops and the nurses are making to serve our country. I brought notes of support for the nurses, written by nurses in the states, to let them know we are thinking about them and appreciate what they do. The nurses were both honored and moved that some of you took the time to write. One became emotional. They told me that people often visit the troops but rarely does someone come specifcally to visit the nurses. This is an amazing group of men and women. I am considering ways that I can continue to support these nurses once  I return to the US. Please pass on any ideas that you have.

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