Go Back to School and Change Your Life

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This post is sponsored by Capella University.

There is plenty of compelling evidence these days to encourage nurses to further their education. And while many employers are either encouraging or requiring nurses to get a BSN, I have an even more compelling reason for you to go back to school: It will change your life for the better in ways you can’t imagine.

Higher education makes you a better version of yourself. It will give you more self-confidence and self-awareness. You’ll learn more about nursing, healthcare, and the world around you. The paradox of education is that the more you learn, the more you discover there is to learn! I always say go back to school for yourself first, your career second. Don’t fear higher education, embrace it. It is a stepping stone toward self-actualization.

Here are 3 considerations in choosing a program:

  • Flexibility: Your job is demanding; look for a program that gives you the flexibility to progress at your pace. Online is often a good fit for busy nurses today. But not all online programs are equal, so pay attention to whether you have to log-in to class at certain times, or have to complete a set hours of work per week.
  • Use Your Experience: Many of you pursuing a BSN already have years of experience—that should matter! You shouldn’t have to waste time repeating material you know inside and out; instead, you should be able to apply that knowledge. Look for a program that allows you to progress as quickly as you know the content, instead of having to waste time simply to clock the hours. For example, Capella University just announced {http://www.capella.edu/online-degrees/bachelors-rn-to-bsn-completion/} that they have approval for an innovative new program that allows nurses to complete their BSN in as little as 12 to 18 months by leveraging the knowledge and skills gained during their professional practice.
  • Support: The purpose of pursuing your BSN isn’t just the credential, it’s gathering new knowledge that will make you a better nurse. Look for programs that pair you with coaches or give you direct access to professors, so you can ask questions where you’re stuck or on topics you really want to know more about.

Please stop and see me at the Capella University booth at the ANCC Magnet Conference in Atlanta this week. Capella is giving away copies of my book Your 1st Year as a Nurse and I’ll be signing them. Let’s chat about your future!

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