Foster Horizontal Respect

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Foster 1If you’ve been in nursing a while, you may have heard the expression “horizontal hostility.” This term is used to describe the workplace phenomenon of coworkers in high stress jobs taking out their frustrations on each other with abuse, nastiness, and indifference. The subject has been researched, written about, reported on, and discussed at length. It’s time to take a fresh approach to an old problem. It all starts with you. Each day this week I will post one tip on the subject. Let me know how you’re putting it into action. Here’s the first:

#1 Learn to respect yourself first. If you pick up any self-help book today, you’ll find the same message: You’ve got to love yourself before you can love anyone else. The same goes for respect. If you have little self-worth and don’t value your work, you’ll be inclined to tolerate and expect abuse and hostility. Get yourself out of that mindset by using daily affirmations such as: “I am a valuable member of the team. My contributions make a positive difference. I have a right to be treated with respect.” Say anything often enough, and you’ll start to believe it.

(Tip #2 will be posted tomorrow)

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