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Pay It Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde

In case you didn’t read Pay It Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde or see the movie of the same name, the concept is simple: Commit random acts of kindness for others without wanting or expecting anything in exchange — and ask that person to do the same for another. In other words, rather than expect to be “paid back” for a favor or a kindness, ask the person you do something nice for to pass it on or “pay it forward” to someone else. The belief is that your actions will have a ripple effect and that the world will be a better place for it. Hyde believes that being nice is the secret to lifelong success.

The concept sounds simple, doesn’t it? And yet so many of us are so stressed, overwhelmed, overscheduled, and overburdened that we barely have time to talk to or acknowledge other people in our lives, never mind being nice to them. Doing good can take some energy and effort at first. It can even seem like a foreign concept to some of us. But being nice to others, being kind and generous, doing something for someone when they’re not expecting it, can easily become a way of life — a mindset — once you try it. Besides, it’s guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself.

What have you done lately to Pay it Forward? Share your ideas here and give the rest of us some inspiration!

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