Breaking Free from Cosmic Cement

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Breaking Free of Cosmic Cement-Cardillo
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There is a medical condition known as “locked-in syndrome” where muscles of the body are paralyzed. But some of us have self-inflicted “locked-in syndrome” of the mind. We get set in our ways and stuck in our thought process. When someone says of another “They’re set in their ways” it is never said in a flattering way. Some of us even say it about ourselves and wear it as a badge of honor attesting “I’m not going to change.”

But being set in your ways indicates that you are in a rut, stagnant, rigid, and encased in cosmic cement. You have closed yourself off to new information or ways of thinking. That is never a good place to be and can be paralyzing in a more profound way.

So open yourself up to new ways of doing and seeing things. Learn something new. Consider other points of view and options. Take a new approach. You’ll feel more alive and have more ‘motion’ in your life.

You’ll start to blossom in a whole new way.

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