Because if Momma ain’t well

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Well Momma-Donna Cardillo
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In her book “50 is the New Fifty” Suzanne Braun Levine has a chapter titled “Do Unto Yourself as You Have Been Doing Unto Others.” Love it! That says it all. Because–to modify a popular saying–If Momma ain’t happy and energized, ain’t nobody gonna be happy and energized.

‘Momma’ in this case can be any woman who cares for others (children or adults) or has responsibilities in the home, the workplace, a business, an organization, the community and so on. Self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity…not just for you but for those who rely on you.

Because if Momma ain’t well—physically, emotionally, or spiritually, the whole thing falls apart…and that ain’t good for nobody.


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