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Ask...stop talkingI frequently receive phone calls from individuals seeking guidance and information. And while I am always happy to speak to people for a few moments and share some wisdom or encouragement, some callers don’t even allow me to do what they called for in the first place.

So here is some advice for cold calling someone when you’re seeking their advice (AKA How to get out of your own way and get the information you need).

  1. Ask if this is a good time to talk rather than blurting out your whole story.
  2. Be CLEAR and specific on what you need help or advice with.
  3. STOP talking once you have stated this and…LISTEN. Don’t interrupt. Save your questions for the end.
  4. Don’t get defensive. The person you’re calling doesn’t know you so may tell you a few things you already know. Listen anyway as you may pick up a few tips or be reminded of some important basics.
  5. If it appears that the person you’re speaking to doesn’t have the advice or information you seek, thank them for their time and move on.

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