Acknowledge, Appreciate, and Be Grateful

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Acknowledge, Appreciate, and Be Grateful
By Donna Cardillo, RN, MA, CSP, FAAN
I recently went into a store that makes their own sausage. It sits in one long continuous looped pile waiting to be portioned out. I asked the woman behind the counter to give me about 1 pound of sausage. She deftly cut off a piece and placed it on the scale. Voila… 1 pound exactly. I said, “Wow…so exact!” She smiled and wrapped it up. Today at the airport I had a large heavy bag to check at the curb. I had weighed it at home before leaving so I knew it was 47 pounds, 3 pounds shy of the 50-pound limit. The skycap lifted the bag, concentrated for a few seconds and said confidently, without putting it on the scale, “Weight’s OK.” I responded, “Wow…You can do that just by feel?” He grinned broadly and said proudly, “Yup!” I marvel at and am grateful for all of the people in various lines of work who develop expertise and proficiency in what they do. It makes my life simpler and easier and even adds joy to my day. Notice and appreciate how others do their jobs. Acknowledge and appreciate them for it every day.
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