Fans of Career Alternatives

“This was absolutely the best, and most informative seminar that I have ever attended!”

Marie Paine

Waltham, MA

“Terrific presentation! Donna, I like your style – totally professional and on target.”

Linda Chandler

Wilmington, DE

“Thank you for restoring my belief that incredible opportunities are within my reach and that nothing is impossible! You are magnificent.”

Doreen E. Washington

Saddle Brook, NJ

"After attending this seminar, I was able to make a successful career change. I now work as a legal nurse consultant and am very happy. Thank you for opening my eyes to a new career.”

Cheryl Myers

Tinton Falls, NJ

“Truly one of the best seminars I have ever attended.”

Susan Butts

Philadelphia, PA

“You renewed my sense of confidence and self-worth and have opened my eyes to the endless opportunities available to nurses.”

Maria Farrauto

Deer Park, NY

“Before attending Donna Cardillo’s seminar, I had decided to leave nursing. She has given me the motivation and opportunity to stay in the nursing field. I cannot thank her enough.”

Diana Makie

Waltham, MA

“Attending your seminar was truly a life changing experience. One month after, I landed my ‘dream job’ in the pharmaceutical industry.”

A. Engblom

Chicago, IL

“You renewed my sense of confidence and self-worth and have opened my eyes to the endless opportunities available to nurses.”

Maria Farrauto

Deer Park, NY

“This seminar provided information extensively beyond what I was expecting. I had no idea of the vast opportunities available. Well worth the money.”

Patricia Mathias, RN

Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks to your excellent guidance and knowledge, I am now enjoying a new career in utilization management. I highly recommend this seminar to all nurses.”

Martha Soriano

Brick, NJ

“After attending your seminar, I realized that my dream of starting my own seminar business was within my grasp. Your knowledge, enthusiasm, and support stay with me, even today, as I continue to grow my business and live out my dream.”

Lori Radcliffe-Allen, RN, President

‘Jest’ for Fitness Productions

“Two weeks after attending your seminar I was offered a job as a pharmaceutical sales rep. Your helpful hints regarding networking and interviewing definitely landed this job for me. I now work great hours (no weekends, no holidays) and have increased my salary by 40%. I highly recommend your lecture to all nurses seeking to expand their opportunities. Thanks for sharing your positive energy. It is contagious!”

Kate Forte, RN

Boston, MA

“I received more information in one day than I ever knew existed in the whole six years that I have been in the medical field.”

Kescia Gray, RN

Los Angeles, CA

"You gave me one of the best Christmas presents I have ever received! I purchased your Career Alternatives for Nurses® and listened and re-listened to it. I was convinced that there was ‘something else’ out there for me as far as employment was concerned. I was offered a job as a Case Manager, called you with questions re: salary, and accepted the offer. This may be ‘the start of a beautiful friendship’ with you and a new career, and I THANK YOU!"

Linda Prescot

Billings, MT