Donna Cardillo, RN [pronounced Car-dill-oh] known as the Inspiration Nurse, travels the world helping individuals to be happy in their careers and to reach their full potential. She is fiercely passionate about life in general.

Donna is the original “Dear Donna” columnist at where, for 15 years, she doled out daily online career advice to nurses. She is also an Expert Blogger at – the first nurse to blog there, as well as the former Healthcare Careers Expert at

Donna is the author of 4 books including her newest release:

Falling Together: How to Find Balance, Joy, and Meaningful Change When Your Life Seems to be Falling Apart.

She has received numerous business and healthcare awards and recognitions but is most proud of being named a Diva in Nursing by the Institute for Nursing in NJ for outstanding achievements and excellence in practice.

Donna has been called the “Nurse Whisperer” and referred to as the Ann Landers and the Dr. Phil of the nursing profession. Regardless of who she’s compared to, there’s no denying that she has her own unique style, indomitable spirit, and uproarious sense of humor.

Please welcome Donna Cardillo!