Learn To Speak With Style for Fun and Profit

new-shop-speakprofitYes, speaking in public can be enjoyable and profitable on many levels when you learn and master the art and science of effective public speaking. Experience alone is not the best teacher where public speaking is concerned! There is more technique involved in the process than most people realize.

Watch this energizing, fun, and info packed video and tap into the wisdom, experience, and enthusiasm of an experienced keynote speaker, trainer, and seminar leader. You’re guaranteed to develop an increased sense of confidence, know-how, and motivation to speak for fun and profit.

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5 hour program with manual – $99.00 – free shipping


“Wow! This program was extremely informative and motivating. It has provided strategies for virtually every concern that I have had about speaking publicly.”

Whether simply looking to improve your platform skills, seeking more effective ways to market any business or service, or eager to launch your own speaking business, this program is for you!

Watch this 5 hour DVD and learn:

  • How to create dynamite openings that capture interest and generate excitement
  • How to get the audience on your side before your presentation even starts
  • How to add texture and impact to even the most dry material
  • How to add humor to your presentation even if you’re not funny
  • How to manage fear, anxiety, and jitters
  • How to run a public seminar
  • How to market yourself as a speaker
  • How to find paid speaking engagements
  • Effective use of PowerPoint and other audiovisuals
  • Innovative ways to handle questions – even if you don’t know the answer
  • Speaking don’ts

Who will benefit:

  • Anyone who would like to improve their platform skills whether novice or experienced
  • Anyone who would like to parlay their speaking gigs into paid engagements
  • Anyone who wants to better promote their own business or their employer’s products and services
  • Anyone who wants to run their own seminars and speak for a living
  • Anyone who wants to build confidence, become more marketable, and communicate better

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5 hour program with manual – $99.00 – free shipping